The India Report


Authors: Charles Eames, Ray Eames | Publisher: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad | ISBN: 81–86199–48–9 | Language: English | Year of Publication: 1958 | Original Language Title: The India Report | Edition: First | Pages: 21 |

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In its diligent efforts to enable post-Independent India to metamorphose into a modern nation, the Government of the day realised that rampant industrialisation could never be of any advantage, unless it was ameliorated with a sense of responsibility. Towards this end, the tremendous potential inherent in design had already been acknowledged, and the illustrious American designer duo of Charles and Ray Eames was invited to set up a paradigmatic design institute in the country. The India Report by the Eameses is the keystone that supports the values enshrined at the core of the National Institute of Design. The pertinency of this report becomes more obvious due to the fact that India possesses unique design concerns, and this report contains a meticulous description of all that is expected of an ideal design school that can fittingly address these concerns. The National Institute of Design has assimilated the philosophical and ethical nuances of this report into its ethos and this has made it one of the foremost design institutes in the world.

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