Principles of Design Through Photography


Author: Deepak John Mathew | Co-published by Wisdom Tree, New Delhi and National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad | ISBN: 978–81–8328–155–3 | Language: English | Year of Publication: 2010 | Original Language Title: Principles of Design Through Photography | Edition: First | Pages: 171 |

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An informative pictorial journey that scrutinises the application of design principles to the field of photography—this would be the most apt way to describe Deepak John Mathew’s book: Principles of Design through Photography. This book classifies five different aspects that make photography a unique form of art. These aspects are: Revelation, Representation, Appearance, Illumination, Aesthetic Autonomy, and Captured Reality. A thoughtful exegesis of each of these aspects reveals the aesthetic and technical nuances so characteristic of photography. Mathew’s book successfully echoes the fact that every photograph is a harmonious embodiment of the abstract and the concrete, and the permanent and the impermanent.

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