Indian Saris: Traditons-Perspectives-Design


Author: Vijai Singh Katiyar | Co-published by Wisdom Tree, New Delhi and National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad | ISBN: 978-81-8328-122-5 | Language: English | Year of Publication: 2009 | Original Language Title: indian Saris: Traditions-Perspectives-Design | Edition: First | Pages: 211 |

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This publication unfolds the intricacies that adorn the beautifully woven yards of a sari. With over 892 visuals, the book takes readers down the annals of the history and ultimately introduces them to the contemporary design initiatives taking place in the sector. Indian Saris describes the fascinating accounts of the sari’s traditional significance, the diverse styles of weaving, design vocabulary, and even the myriad styles of draping found across the subcontinent. This glowing tribute to the magic flowing out of the deft hands of the Indian weaver and the undeterred artistic spirit of the sari will render an enriching aesthetic experience to designers, policymakers, technocrats, marketing and business professionals, and above all, to everyone who is interested in Indian art, culture, and fashion.

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