Failed Roman!


Authors: H. Kumar Vyas, Dhruva Rao | Publisher: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad | ISBN: 978-81-86199-78-7 | Language: English | Year of Publication: 2013 | Original Language Title: Failed Roman! | Edition: First | Pages: 47 pages |

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Today, the English language has become the most prominent linguistic medium of international communication. However, a majority of those who speak and write in English are unaware of the difficulties that arise when specific sounds from the Indian phonetic system get transliterated into the Roman script in which English is written. This is because the phonetic system of the English language fails to reproduce specific sounds typical of the phonetic systems of Indian languages. The objective of the graphic novel, Failed Roman! is to focus on the lapses in the transliteration process. The book aims to inform readers about the typical failures that occur in transliteration and it also encourages them to think of possible remedies. This is exactly what the characters in the comic book are doing with help of leading questions. The book has been designed keeping in mind those people who are able to speak, read, and write more than one language, English being one of them.

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