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Editor: Mihir Bholey | Publisher: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad | ISBN: 81–86199–96–9 | Language: Hindi | Year of Publication: 1997 | Original Language Title: Design Samvad | Edition: First | Pages: 163 |

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This book is a commendable attempt to fulfil the true purpose of design. It endeavours to take design out of classrooms and seminar halls and familiarise the common people with it with the overall aim of improving the status of design in India. It is also a pioneering effort made–never before has design been interpreted in Hindi for the general public of India. Since such an effort was being made for the first time, availability of design-related articles in Hindi was a problem. Hence, several write-ups presented in this book have been translated but special attention has been given to make sure that the flavour and essence of the original article is not lost in the arduous task of translating. This compendium covers numerous issues and concerns that spring around design such as the present condition of design in India, its progress, contemporary design concerns, and the challenges that design has to meet to withstand the ever-increasing competition. Design Samvad certainly meets its purpose of acquainting its readers with contemporary Indian design concepts.

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