Animating an Indian Story


Author: Prakash Moorthy | Publisher: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad | ISBN: 81-86199-53-5 | Language: English | Year of Publication: 2005 | Original Language Title: Animating an Indian Story | Edition: First | Pages: 77 |

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This is an impressive tribute from a student to his teacher. Through this vividly visual biography, Prakash Moorthy reveals the life of the late Raman Lal Mistry (also known as R.L. Mistry), an eminent artist, animation filmmaker and teacher, and his journey from being a nobody to a celebrated name in India and across the globe. In three acts, the book shows how Mistry chose the unusual path of animation against the then much sought after careers in medicine and engineering, thus unveiling the early beginning of animation in India and the birth of the iconic National Institute of Design. The writer’s aptitude for animation and that of his teacher make this book a graphic treat with drawings and photos breathing life and soul into the reading experience.

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